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The Crisis Ministry of Mercer County Will Now Be Known as Arm in Arm

planet-princeton-sidebar-adTo reflect the positive partnership it shares with the community, the 36-year-old Crisis Ministry is changing its name to Arm in Arm. Its mission and programs will remain the same: to help those in Mercer County in need of food, housing, and work to regain financial stability.

The Crisis Ministry of Mercer County announced the launch of the new name effective Thursday, Sept. 22.

The 501(c)3 non-profit organization, founded in 1980 by Nassau Presbyterian Church and Trinity Church, helps secure the basic needs of food and housing and promotes long-term stability through work training and support. Today more than 5,000 families in Mercer County are helped each year by the organization.

The new name — Arm in Arm — conveys the organization’s collaborative approach to service, its spirit of optimism, and its belief in the possibilities of the future, said Arm in Arm Executive Director Carolyn Biondi.

“Arm in Arm is a place where people in need find people who want to help.  Our new name reflects our respect for the dignity of the people we serve, as well as for their own power in the process of regaining stability,” she said.  “Our tagline ‘Better Together’ expresses our belief that we all benefit when everyone in our community thrives — and that it takes our whole community to ensure that we all thrive. Individuals, congregations, corporations, foundations, schools, and businesses are all critical partners in this effort.”

The mission and programs of Arm in Arm will continue to focus on securing basic needs of food, housing, and work to promote longer-term stability.

Chante H. recently received a security deposit from Arm in Arm for an apartment for herself and her two children. She  said the assistance has taken a huge burden off of her.  “Now I know that my children have a place to live,” she said. “I’m so grateful.”

John B., who works two jobs, occasionally receives food from Arm in Arm’s food pantries. “I think things are looking up for me, but I’m not quite there yet,” he said. “But the food is really nutritious, and I just want to say thank you.”

Said Natara N. of Arm in Arm’s work training program obtained a driver’s license through financial help from Arm in Arm’s License to Succeed program. About 75 percent of job applications require applicants to have a license, she said. “Now I can answer that question with a ‘Yes!’,” she said.

“It is a good feeling to be giving back and contributing (in Arm in Arm’s food pantry) while also gaining skills and experience as a trainee,” she said.

Locations for Arm in Arm will remain in downtown Princeton, downtown Trenton, and south Trenton, all easily accessible from anywhere in Mercer County.

Arm in Arm will celebrate its name change at its annual fall benefit on Nov. 3 at the Frick Chemistry Laboratory Atrium on the campus of Princeton University. Special guest Billy Shore, co-founder and executive director of the national hunger awareness organization Share Our Strength/No Kid Hungry, will be the keynote speaker. Open to the public and the media, the event will be attended by volunteers, supporters, community members, and staff. Reservations can be made online at arminarm.org or by calling (609) 396-9355, ext. 27.

For more information about Arm in Arm, visit arminarm.org or call (609) 396-9355.