West Windsor Police Open Internet Safe Exchange Zone

The West Windsor Police Department has created an exchange zone  where people can complete internet transactions safely in person.

“If any of you are like me, you have bought or sold items on Ebay, Craigslist, LetGo, Offer Up or any of the other buy and sell sites that are out there,” Lt. Robert Fow said. “The problem arises when you have to pick a location to do the exchange.”

Giving someone a personal address or meeting someone in an unfamiliar area for the exchange of cash and merchandise is a bad idea. Police recommend meeting in a neutral location.

“In my numerous transactions, I have always either met at a busy shopping center parking lot or my local police department parking lot,” Fow said. “Even as a police officer it is still a little unnerving meeting a strange person, sometimes at night, to exchange cash and merchandise. We at the West Windsor Township Police Department hope to alleviate some of your fears. We have created an internet safe exchange zone in the parking lot at our police department headquarters.”

The safe exchange zone is monitored via video 24 hours a day. The safe exchange zone is comprised of two clearly marked parking spaces with a sign saying “Internet Safe Exchange Zone” in the West Windsor Police Department parking lot.

“The mere suggestion of conducting your exchange at a police department should deter any fraudulent activity and if not, at least we have some tools to investigate it,” Fow said. ” Feel free to start using this as often as you like. This is also a good place for child custody exchanges.”