Princeton Women Will Unite to March in Washington

To The Editor:

This Saturday, the four of us will march for women. Stung by the cruel and demeaning language used against women in the presidential campaign, we will march to send a clear signal of dissent. Disturbed by the rise of racism and xenophobia around the country, we will march to state our support for human rights. Troubled by threats against our reproductive rights and frustrated by the lingering gender pay gap, we will march to broadcast this injustice. And because the current state of affairs is not normal, we will march to teach our children that now is the time to stand up for their rights and the rights of others.

For these reasons and more, we will join the Women’s March on Washington, leading four busloads of concerned citizens from Princeton. Children, spouses and parents will accompany some marchers, joining with thousands of other marchers in Washington DC to collectively call out for women’s rights. And given the current debate raging in Princeton, it is important to note that we will put aside our differences on this Saturday. Indeed, Princeton Charter School mothers will march beside Princeton Public Schools mothers as one, announcing that women’s rights are basic human rights.

So, if Princeton seems a little less crowded on Saturday, please know the reason. And if you don’t yet have plans to march in D.C., Trenton, Philadelphia, New York, or any of the nearly 300 sister marchers, what are you waiting for? The more that stand up, the stronger the message, and this message is good for all Americans.

Jenny Ludmer
Nicole Bergman
Andrea Bergman
Dina Shaw


  1. I wasn’t aware that the debate regarding the Princeton Charter School is that contentious and “raging” that, but for a more noble cause, the two sides might not act civilly toward each other.

    1. Yes, the debate is intense. You can search through numerous articles and letters on this site alone to learn more. So, there will need to be much more discussion on the topic by this community; however, for the purpose of this Saturday, we will not focus on this debate. Instead, we will march together for women and all human rights.

      1. Perhaps I was being obtuse. I can’t imagine that the Charter School debate – or mostly any local debate here in Princeton – would cause people to be other than civil to one another. We need to set an example for our children. Intense? Raging? Please.

        1. Yes, both sides of the aisle are welcome! The issue is women’s rights and basic human rights for all! Join us.

          1. I went to D.C. yesterday for the inauguration and saw the hatred and violence of many who oppose President Trump. I also saw an interview of a young lady on Fox whose group, which is pro life, were prohibited from your event.

            1. That’s simply not true – God knows I saw plenty of pro-life people at the WMW holding giant posters of aborted fetuses. I would check your source. I would also note that there was violence on 1/20, but not 1/21. As of 6pm yesterday there was not a single WMW-related arrest in DC. Likewise, there were 400k protesters in NYC – not a single arrest. I think you are seeing a tiny subsection… much as pro-Trump people protest that white supremacists are but a tiny subsection, no?

              1. The violence on 1/20 was caused by terrorists wearing masks with the intent to disrupt the inauguration. I have yet to hear a Democrat politician, including former President Obama, condemn this violence. Some brave pro life women did show up, but their organizations were banned, check your sources.

                1. It’s Democratic politician not Democrat politician. It would be like saying Republic politician. I haven’t heard any Republic politicians condemn the violence either. Whoops, I meant Republican. But I’m sure if I did a search I could find politicians from both sides of the aisle condemning the violence.

                  1. Ask Bernie Sanders about the democratic processes of the Democrat party. Thank God Bernie took the $$ and walked to away to leave the lying, deceitful Hillary.

                2. From Reuters: Democratic officials, including Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser, condemned the violence.
                  I condemn the violence. It’s criminal, wrong and stupid. Trump is still a vile lying demagogue not fit to be president.

                  1. Bowser couldn’t condemn it without a hateful comment about President Trump. Hateful indeed.

                3. From ABC NEWS: Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Missouri, responded to the protests on Twitter, writing, “Nothing is more unAmerican than protesters who are not peaceful. Disgusting.”

                  1. She had little choice as she is running for reelection in a state President Trump won.

                4. 1) They would have disrupted whether DJT or HRC; that was in their manifesto. 2) How about *you* provide a source to support an allegation you’re making? Who do I believe – an internet stranger, or my lyin’ eyes?

                  1. Huffington Post 01/21/2017
                    “Anti-Abortion Group Bumped From Women’s March Stakes Out A Place Anyway”

              2. True, the marches of 1-21 were very peaceful. There were no arrests in DC because there was mutual respect between police and the marchers who were non violent.

            2. That’s because Trump foments hatred with all his hateful comments. Trump is a demagogue, hate monger and a disuniter. He and the GOP will bring on another Great Depression. The Great Depression of the 1930s was also a GOP creation.

              1. The Democrats were bringing back slavery in the form of ghettoes and entitlement dependency. The Democrats were also eroding our basic rights by using the IRS as their weapon against enemies (Americans/Deplorables). President Obama has caused more division in 8 years than the Democrats of yore who voted to maintain slavery and against the civil rights act.

  2. Even though I personally favor a women’s right to choose an abortion (at least through the early-fetus stage), I wonder if women who are pro-life / pro-adoption women invited to join?

    1. I’ve read your comment several times and am mystified by the gratuitous parenthetical. At what point in a pregnancy is a woman’s right to choose an abortion nullified? The only two logical answers are (1) that right is never nullified or (2) there should never be a right. The expedient Roe v. Wade notwithstanding, science & technology is quickly transforming this question into a simple binary choice.

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