Large orange swastika found on sculpture at Princeton University

Photo of the swastika that was found at Princeton University, submitted by a reader.

This large orange swastika was found on a sculpture at Princeton University in late January. The swastika, measuring about 10 by 14 inches, was found on the interior of the Hedgehog and the Fox sculpture. The steel sculpture, created by Richard Serra, is located between the Lewis Library and Peyton Hall. The graffiti was removed a few days later. At least one other swastika has been found on the sculpture, according to published reports. The Princeton Alumni Weekly was the first publication to report on the swastika in a brief post this week.

New York City and other cities have seen an increase in swastika graffiti since the November election. ProPublica has also documented at least 91 locations of Jewish organizations in the United States, including schools, Jewish Community Centers, and offices of the Anti-Defamation League, that  have received a total of 116 bomb threats since Jan. 1.