NAACP: Princeton needs to expand affordable housing opportunities

Princeton has a long history of promoting integration and inclusion through progressive fair housing laws.  That’s why it’s disappointing that the town’s elected officials are currently fighting housing advocates who are seeking to come to a fair resolution that expands opportunities in one of New Jersey’s most treasured communities.

While they say they want to negotiate in good faith, they are relying on experts who are arguing in an ongoing trial that half-million-dollar McMansions should be considered “affordable.”

It’s time for Princeton to sit down and negotiate in good faith with advocates to reach a solution that expands opportunities for African-American and Latino families in Central Jersey.

Richard T. Smith

Mr. Smith is the president of the NAACP New Jersey State Conference.


  1. There is nothing unfair or exclusionary about Princeton housing laws. If you have enough money you can buy a house there regardless of your race. The NAACP is under the mistaken impression that anybody should be able to live anywhere courtesy of government subsidies.

    The NAACP needs to promote hard work to achieve your goals; not mooching off your neighbors.

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