Vandals spray-paint obscene graffiti, racial slur on Princeton buildings

Residents, shoppers and employees at local businesses were surprised when they went to park in the metered lot just off Park Place on Saturday morning in downtown Princeton and were greeted with obscene graffiti.

Vandals spray-painted the n-word, expletives and a penis on the backs and sides of a few buildings that abut the Park Place lot. They also tagged two dumpsters.

People in the neighborhood said the vandalism took place some time Friday night or early Saturday. “It was disgusting to arrive for work and see this,” one local employee told Planet Princeton.

The Princeton Police Department is investigating the incident.

“As of now no one has been charged and we are working with the business owners to obtain any available video,” Lt. Christopher Morgan said.

Anyone with information about the incident should call the Princeton Police Department at (609) 921-2100.