NJ Transit customer satisfaction survey now open

If you haven’t griped enough about the major delays you’ve had to endure taking the train in and out of New York these days, NJ Transit is now conducting its quarterly customer satisfaction survey, which will be available online until June 2.

Included in the notice about the new survey was this note to rail customers:

“We know this has been a difficult spring for our New York rail riders and our planning experts are keenly focused on developing any and all strategies to mitigate disruptions and minimize delays to our customers during Amtrak’s upcoming renewal program at NY Penn Station,” reads the note. “We remain committed to providing you safe and convenient transportation and the results from the customer satisfaction surveys are important tools to help us. We look forward to your survey responses and comments.”

You can fill out the survey online here, perhaps while you are waiting for that late train to leave Penn Station 30 minutes behind schedule.