Video: Black bear takes a dip in Lawrenceville swimming pool

A black bear has been spotted in a few neighborhoods in Lawrenceville today. The bear was seen on Coach Drive. The bear was filmed taking a nice little dip in a backyard swimming pool.

The state Division of Fish and Wildlife advises that you take the following precautions if you see a black bear:

– Remain calm and do not run. Make sure the bear has an escape route. Avoid direct eye contact, back up slowly and speak with a low, assertive voice.

– Black bear attacks are extremely rare. If a black bear should attack, fight back. Do not play dead.

– Do not feed bears or leave out items they can eat. Secure your garbage cans.

– Report bear damage, nuisance behavior or aggressive bears to the Wildlife Control Unit of the NJ D.E.P., Division of Fish and Wildlife at (908) 735-8793.


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