Video: Princeton solar eclipse gizmos and gadgets

Local artist Robert Hummel was in Princeton during the eclipse on Monday. He checked out the contraptions people made to view the eclipse and made a video about it. Thanks to Robert for sharing the video with Planet Princeton readers.


  1. Can’t copy and paste that youtube URL for the video. Town Topics also does not allow copying of its contents.
    In any case, I’ll go to the youtube site and do a search for the video. There’s always a workaround, usually.

    1. Hi Joe – We fixed the link. Thanks for alerting us. If you go to the post again you can view it right on Unfortunately we had to turn on a feature that prevents copying and pasting because of reporters at other local outlets like Patch simply copying and pasting text. They can still type it of course but at least this makes it more difficult for plagiarists.

      1. Krystal, thank you so much for the heads up and explanation. I appreciate all your work and efforts. Planet Princeton is my go to site for things Princeton.

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