Route 206 slated to re-open on schedule Nov. 3

The bridge over the Stony Brook this week. The decking is almost complete. Photo: Paul Schindel.

The repairs to the bridges over the Stony Brook are scheduled to be completed and Route 206 will be opened again on Friday, Nov. 3, officials said tonight.

“The road is on schedule to open up on Friday, Nov. 3,” said Deanna Stockton, the engineer for the municipality. “It’s perfect timing for the half marathon on Nov. 5.”

The $7.4 million state-funded project includes rehabilitating the historic stone arch bridge over Stony Brook and replacing the adjacent flood channel bridge, both of which are located between Quaker Road near the Hun School and the Jasna Polana Country Club.

The stone arch bridge, constructed in 1792 and widened in 1916, was closed in February of 2016 for emergency repairs following a partial parapet collapse. The adjacent flood channel bridge is in poor condition and will be replaced with a single-span bridge. The repair is being done at the same time as the stone arch bridge rehabilitation to minimize the impact to traffic, officials said. The project also includes other road improvements. The project is located within the historic districts of the Princeton Battlefield/Stony Brook Settlement Village and the Kings Highway Districts. State officials said they have worked very closely with the State Historic Preservation Office and Princeton Historical Preservation Committee from the beginning of the emergency repair in February 2016, throughout the design process, and will continue to do so during construction with archaeological monitoring and documentation taking place.