Bierman will be an independent leader

Dear Editor,

It’s a crowded field this year given the latest crop of would-be candidates who are flexing their citizenship muscles as they try to position themselves as ‘the best one’ for the job of ‘running things’.

Anyone can run things (and sometimes into the ground)…look around and shake your head at all the “things” that are ‘run’ by the people we entrust to run things.  Is it any wonder why we are always disappointed in the people we have elected because their campaign promises are only empty words and they just can’t and don’t deliver.
There are two kinds of political people (and maybe it’s true of all people). Those who over-promise and under-deliver (too many of those to count) and those who under-promise and over-deliver (usually hard to find).
Generally I prefer the latter, don’t you? Of course you do and so I’m going to support the one candidate who has the courage, honesty and integrity to be among the under-promisers and over deliverers, Adam Bierman.
You might want him in City Hall too because he is actually a leader and not just a repainted follower.
Greg Moore