Princeton residents need more information about tax impact of school bond referendum

An open letter to the superintendent and school board for the Princeton Public Schools

I am terrified about the tax consequences of this bond ordinance (if passed) upon each and every segment of the Princeton population.

Has the Board conducted a tax analysis of the consequences of this debt upon the major income brackets of our population? If not, why not?

You should all realize that presenting figures concerning an ”average” rise in taxes is not sufficient. We all need a breakdown of consequences for every income “group: 1) “those earning above/below X-$$$, 2) in each of which years? Dollar-estimates you have presented so far are based only on value of homes owned. This is nuts — not everyone in Princeton own a home whose average value is 857K.

Princeton is committed to “diversity” and “inclusiveness” for the entire community. Will the passing of this bond issue jeopardize the lives of some who already live here? Is that social price too high to be worth paying if it results in the drain from Princeton from some of our population who are most vulnerable (and still in need of tax relief after the devastations of the 2010 re-assessment)?

You are all obligated to present the true numbers before this school bond initiative can be considered by the public.

Thank you for your immediate assistance. I cannot personally vote for this bond issue until I know its impact upon Princetonians across the financial spectrum.


Daniel Harris

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  1. Thank you, Mr. Harris, for adding your voice. Immediate overcrowding in our schools will be best remedied by repurposing the Thanet site for education… not by making it a home for PPS buses. Busses will be OK wherever they’re parked…but our kids and our town are another matter. Thanet provides the green future our kids need, based on all that science tells us about the environment & wellbeing. Mr. Harris, your record of supporting those who weave the fabric of Princeton & make it strong is impressive. We need you and more folks like you to help those who love our kids, love Princeton, and deserve a secure, healthy future to take their complaints about PPS’s abuse of fiscal power & rushed planning to the streets & the State of NJ. PPS Administrators want to place themselves first, in the largest, most modern, quiet finished space available, while planning to overspend and permanently damage diversity in Princeton. The list of successful community leaders who know that isn’t O.K and are speaking out is growing. PPS Administrators are the folks who need to enter their space through a historic arch that reminds them they are not the first here (nor will they be the last) everyday.

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