Two Princeton employees placed on leave while police look into sales of municipal computers

Two employees in the office of information technology for the municipality of Princeton have been placed on leave while police investigate allegations that they sold used municipal computers online and possibly profited personally from the sales.

Officials confirmed that employees Robert McQueen and Anthony Guevarez are both on a paid leave of absence while police investigate claims that they improperly disposed of municipal property. Planet Princeton had received a tip about the matter.

Asked to comment on the issue, Mayor Liz Lempert did not respond. Business Administrator Marc Dashield referred all questions to a police officer who was out already for the day. Another officer referred questions back to Dashield. Chief Nick Sutter then confirmed the matter was referred to the police department on Wednesday. He could not elaborate more because the investigation into the allegations has just begun. The prosecutor’s office is involved because of the nature of the allegations. Officials did not say when the two employees were placed on leave.

Public agencies in the state follow strict procedures for getting rid of used government property. The property is normally auctioned off and all proceeds go to the municipality. In 2010, a former Princeton Township police chief was removed from his post amid allegations he traded department-owned firearms for several weapons. Some of the weapons went back into the department’s armory, while he allegedly took one new rifle and one revolver from the dealer home for his personal use.