Lawrenceville School donates $65,000 to Lawrence Education Foundation

(l-r): Lawrence Township Education Foundation Vice President Rick Smith, President Amy Davis, Executive Director Karen Faiman, and Lawrenceville School Headmaster Steve Murray.

The Lawrenceville School donated $65,000 to the Lawrence Education Foundation this week. With the latest annual donation, the school’s total donations to the foundation have now surpassed $1.5 million.

“I am impressed by the inventive and inspired programs the Lawrence Township Education Foundation supports every year for Lawrence Township students. These opportunities are made possible by the creativity of dedicated educators and foundation volunteers,” Lawrenceville School Head Master Steve Murray said. “I’m eager to see what teachers and their students will accomplish in 2018-19.”

Since 1995, the school has donated a total of $1,505 000 to the foundation. The Lawrenceville School also provides space and other services to the foundation for events.

The Lawrence Township Education Foundation raises money from individuals, local businesses, corporations, and foundations for educational programs.Through grant requests from teachers and school administrators, the foundation funds a variety of programs that promote creativity and achievement in the public schools.

Amy Davis, president, of the foundation;s board of trustees, said the school’s long-standing commitment to the foundation has enabled the organization to make a difference in students’ lives.

For the last academic year, the foundation funded new sensory centers for kindergarten classrooms at Lawrence Elementary School, a digital music program at Ben Franklin Elementary School, materials to teach children through songs and movement at Slackwood Elementary School, and a year-long milestone reading, writing and creativity project at Eldridge Park Elementary School. The foundation also funded a program for K-6 students that encouraged them to celebrate women in science and engineering. At Lawrence Intermediate School, grants were used to buy a new storage unit for the instrumental music department and quality headphones for all fourth grade students. Lawrence Middle School was able to institute a mindfulness program and the”Manners to Go” Middle School curriculum during the school day. The foundation also  bought two timpani for the instrumental music ensemble and funded a new outdoor education space at Lawrence High School.