Princeton Council approves 2019 professional, board and commission appointments

The Princeton Council voted to approve several professional appointments for 2019 at the annual reorganization meeting on Thursday night. The council approved citizen appointments to boards, committees and commissions. Officials also voted on governing body member assignments to boards for the year.

Professional Appointments

John McCarthy, III was reappointed as municipal judge for three years.

Trishka Cecil was appointed municipal attorney, and the law firm she works for, Mason, Griffin & Pierson, P.C., was named as the assistant municipal attorney for 2019. The contract is capped at $126,000 in fees.

Kimberly Lacken will serve as municipal prosecutor for 2019, The contract caps fees at $70,000. Lacken replaced Reed Gusciora as prosecutor when he became mayor of Trenton.

Michael Barrett will serve as the public defender for the Princeton Municipal Court for 2019. He will earn up to $57,500 under the contract.

Gregory Sandusky will be paid up to $5,000 for professional land surveying services for Princeton’s land use boards in 2019.

Daniel Dobromilsky & Associates will be paid up to $6,000 to perform
landscape consulting services for reviewing land development applications.

Storm Water Management Consulting, LLC will be paid up to $15,000 for storm water management consultant services for 2019. Joseph Skupien is the president of the company. Storm Water Management Consulting also will be paid up to $6,000 for an investigation into erosion caused by Harry’s Brook near Queenston Commons.

Coded Systems, LLC for will be paid up to $21,500 for codification services to maintain the municipal code for the town of Princeton.

Bruce Eisenstein will be paid up to $10,000 to provide consulting services regarding telecommunications policy and distributed antenna systems.

Van Cleef Engineering Associates, LLC will be paid up to $30,000 for the construction of observation services on behalf of Princeton’s land use boards.

Snyder Environmental Engineering Associates will be paid up to $5,000 to review development applications on behalf of Princeton’s land use boards.

Harry Haushalter will be paid up to $60,000 to serve as special tax counsel for the municipality.

Doctor Dhwani Shah will be paid up to $28,000 for consulting services provided to Corner House.

Committee and Commission Appointments

Affordable Housing Board
Colin Vonvorys 3 years 1/1/2022
Carol Golden 3 years 1/1/2022
Dosier Hammond 3-year unexpired term ending 1/1/2020*
Maria Juega 3-year unexpired term ending 1/1/2021*

Animal Control Advisory Committee
Steve Frakt 3 years 1/1/2022

Bicycle Advisory Committee
Lisa Serieyssol 3 years 1/1/2022

Board of Health
George DiFerdinando, Jr. 3 years 1/1/2022
Linda Schwimmer 3 years 1/1/2022
Meredith Hodach Avalos 3 years 1/1/2022
Vrunda Patel 3 years 1/1/2022
Kathleen Stillo, (Alternate 1) 3-year unexpired term 1/1/2021*
Darrell Penn, (Alternate 2) 3 years 1/1/2022

Boards of Parks & Recreation
Richard Nosker 5 years 1/1/2024
Matt Frawley 5 years 1/1/2024

Citizens Finance Advisory Committee
Scott Sillars 3 years 1/1/2022
Adrienne Krepke 3 years 1/1/2022
William Dove 3 years 1/1/2022

Civil Rights Commission
Karen Hernandez-Granzen 3 years 1/1/2022
Surrinder Sharma 3 years 1/1/2022
Kim Dorman 3 years 1/1/2022
Jean Durbin 3-year unexpired term 1/1/2020*

Corner House Board
Danita Ishibashi 3 years 1/1/2022
Wendy Jolley 3 years 1/1/2022
Minnie Craig 3 years 1/1/2022

Environmental Commission
Lisa Marcus-Levine 3 years 1/1/2022
Brian Walker 3 years 1/1/2022
Zoe Volenec (Alternate 1) 2 years 1/1/2021
Marco Ramirez (Alternate 2) 2-year unexpired term 1/1/2020*

Historic Preservation Commission
David Schure 4 years 1/1/2023
Elric Endersby 4 years 1/1/2023
Thomas E. White, (Alternate 1) 2 years 1/1/2021
Brenna Campbell, (Alternate 2) 2-year unexpired term 1/1/2020*

Housing Authority
Leighton Newlin 5 years 1/1/2024

Human Services Commission
Ross Wishnick 3 years 1/1/2022
Larry Spruill 3 years 1/1/2022
Ericka Deglau 3 years 1/1/2022
Kristina Gonzalez 3-year unexpired term 1/1/2020*

Library Board of Trustees
Barak Bar Cohen 5 years 1/1/2024

Planning Board
Zenon Tech-Czarney, Princeton Environmental Commission Rep., 1 year 1/1/2020
Julie Capozzoli, Historic Preservation Rep., 4 years 1/1/2023
Gail Ullman, 4 years 1/1/2023
Mia Sacks, 4 years 1/1/2021*
Jeffrey Oakman, (Alternate 1) 2-year unexpired term 1/1/2020*
Alvin McGowen, (Alternate 2) 2 years 1/1/2021

Public Transit Committee
Debbie Disher 3 years 1/1/2022

Stony Brook Regional Sewerage Authority
David Goldfarb 5-year unexpired term 1/31/2024**

Sewer Operating Committee
David Goldfarb 3 years 1/1/2022

Shade Tree Commission
Janet Stern 5 years 1/1/2024

Site Plan Review Advisory Board
Robert Freudenberg 4 years 1/1/2023
Lisa Levine 1 year 1/1/2020
Marina Rubina 4 years 1/1/2023
Louisa Clayton 4 years 1/1/2023
Ingela Kostenbader (Alternate 1) 2 years 1/1/2021

Zoning Board of Adjustment
Harlan Tenenbaum 4 years 1/1/2023
Michael Floyd 4 years 1/1/2023
Nicholas Valvanis 4 years 1/1/2023
Bernice Chen, (Alternate 1) 2 years 1/1/2021
Michelle Pirone Lambros, (Alt. 2) 2 years 1/1/2021

Local Emergency Planning Committee
Steve Miller Citizen Appointment

*filling an unexpired term

Princeton Governing Body Assignments

Liz Lempert
Public Safety Committee
Personnel Committee
Citizens Finance Advisory Committee
Library Board of Trustees
Economic Development Task Force
Transit Trust Fund

Jenny Crumiller
Finance Committee /Citizens Finance Committee
Personnel Committee
Public Works Committee
IT Steering Committee
Sewer Operating Committee
Neighborhood Planning Task Force
Complete Streets Committee
Transit Trust Fund
PCTV Negotiating Team

Tim Quinn
Finance Committee
Public Safety Committee (Fire Commissioner)
Public Works Committee
Planning Board
Economic Development Task Force
Legal Committee
IT Steering Committee
School Board Liaison
Neighborhood Planning Task Force

Leticia Fraga
Public Safety Committee (Police Commissioner)
Personnel Committee
Human Services Commission
Economic Development Task Force
Public Art Review Committee
Local Emergency Planning Committee
Civil Rights Commission
Youth Advisory Commission

David Cohen
Finance Committee/Citizens Finance Committee
Public Works Committee
Planning Board
Historic Preservation Committee
Local Emergency Planning Committee
Bike Advisory Committee
Senior Center Liaison
PCTV Negotiating Team
Central Jersey Forum
Transit Trust Fund

Eve Niedergang
Animal Control Advisory Committee
Board of Health
Environmental Commission
Local Emergency Planning Committee
Shade Tree Commission
Public Transit Advisory Committee

Dwaine Williamson
Affordable Housing Board
Housing Authority
Legal Committee
Recreation Commission
Corner House Board
Princeton Alcohol Drug Alliance

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