The list of every long-term care facility in NJ with a COVID-19 case or death

Here is a list of every long-term care facility in New Jersey that has at least one confirmed COVID-19 case. The list also includes deaths at long-term care facilities related to complications from COVID-19, as well as cases where the death was related to a respiratory issue. The list only includes residents of long-term care facilities such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The list does not include figures for staff members at the facilities who have tested positive for COVID-19.

In the PDF below, you can use your browser search function to search for a specific facility (on a Chromebook, for example, the search command is control + F). The list will automatically update itself whenever the state updates its information. You can also download the pdf.

The New Jersey Department of Health released the data from all of the long-term care facilities in the state. State officials received the self-reported data from 425 long-term care facilities such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

State Health Commissioner Judy Persichilli reported that 40% of the state’s 4,377 COVID-19 related deaths in New Jersey have been deaths of residents at long-term care facilities. Of the state’s 4,377 deaths as of Monday, April 29, 1,779 were residents at long-term care facilities. There are more than 10,700 cases in long-term care facilities across the state. She said state officials are visiting long-term care facilities to make sure they are in compliance with state and federal guidelines for infection control and staffing. She said that as of Sunday, 21 facilities across the state have been inspected. Facilities with issues will be required to submit corrective action plans to the state.

Persichilli said long-term care facilities forced the state’s hand regarding the release of data.

“Repeatedly we have reinforced their obligation to inform residents, staff and families,” she said. “However. we are still hearing concerns that this is not taking place, so in the full interest of transparency, we are sharing the details.”

Persichilli said the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued new guidelines that require longterm care facilities to notify residents and their representatives of COVID-19 cases at their facilities. The federal agency is reinforcing requirements in New Jersey for facilities to report communicable diseases to state health departments. The state already had such regulations in place.

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