Route 1 south ramp and overpass to the Quaker Bridge Mall closed for next phase of roadway widening project

The New Jersey Department of Transportation has closed the ramp and overpass from Route 1 southbound to the Quaker Bridge Mall as part of a roadway widening project that has lasted more than two years. Officials said the ramp and overpass will be closed for about a month. A detour has been put in place for drivers trying to reach the mall.

Motorists traveling on Route 1 southbound wishing to take the overpass to the Quaker Bridge Mall will be directed to continue on Route 1 southbound. Keep right and take the jughandle to Franklin Corner Road/Bakers Basin Road just past Michael’s Diner. Turn left onto Franklin Corner Road. Turn left onto Route 1 northbound. Take the ramp to the Quaker Bridge Mall.

Area commuters and residents have expressed frustrations about the duration of the road widening project, and say it has caused unsafe driving conditions on Route 1 south.

The $15.8 million project to widen Route 1 southbound between Nassau Park Boulevard in West Windsor and the ramp to I-295 northbound in Lawrence began in the spring of 2018. The southbound roadway includes two express lanes and one local lane providing access to businesses along Route 1. The project is widening Route 1 to include a third express lane, and will add an auxiliary lane for easier access to businesses located between Nassau Park Boulevard and the ramp to I-295 northbound.  

Officials said widening Route 1 will improve capacity and safety on the roadway, and improve access to and from the Mercer Mall and other businesses. Officials said the project is expected to be completed in the fall of 2020.