Racist graffiti written on Poe Road bridge in Princeton

A resident of Princeton noticed racist graffiti on the bridge on Poe Road and reported it to police. Officers responded Thursday, and saw that someone had written racially motivated hate speech on the underside of the bridge.

The graffiti was targeted at Blacks and incited violence against them, saying they should be killed or “go back to Africa. F_ _ _ blacks…” (Planet Princeton has left some of the wording of the graffiti out of the story because of the graphic nature of the post, the language used, and the violence of some of the wording.)

The Princeton Police are treating this incident as a bias intimidation crime and as criminal mischief. Notifications have been made to the Princeton Police bias incident investigation officer, the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office Bias Crime Unit, and the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness Unit. An Electronic Uniform Crime Report was also completed and sent to the NJ State Police uniform crime reporting unit.

“This type of racially motivated hate speech will not be tolerated in our community and we will work diligently to identify those responsible,” Princeton Police Chief Nick Sutter said.

The Princeton Public Works Department was notified and workers removed the graffiti.

If anyone has any information regarding the incident, please contact the Princeton Police Department at 609-921-2100.