Trenton resident runs a write-in campaign for president in the NJ GOP primary as a way to make a statement

Jim Gordon, a longtime Trenton resident, is waging a write-in campaign for U.S. President in the New Jersey primary today to make a statement about Donald Trump, the lack of choices in the GOP primary, and alternative Republican voices.

Gordon has a small goal. He wants at least 700 people to write his name in when they cast their ballots in the primary. Many voters have already voted by mail, and ballots must be postmarked by today. Voters can also cast provisional votes at polling locations. Today is also the deadline for unaffiliated candidates to submit petitions to run for local and state office in the November general election.

“If New Jersey sends a hopeful message into the morass, it would be a good thing,” Gordon said in an interview with Planet Princeton. “It’s disgusting that the only choice in the Republican primary is Donald Trump.”

Gordon, a Vietnam Veteran and retired state worker, said he wants to show that there are alternative Republican voices out there.

“We don’t have to vote for a leader who makes fun of disabled people,” Gordon said of Trump’s mockery of journalist Serve Kovalseki in 2016.

Gordon said his qualifications include the ability to read and write, and to follow the advice of experts.

He believes all elections should be publicly funded, and that there are too many lawyers in the country. He is calling for a five-year moratorium on law school admissions. He also is demanding respect and support for the United States Postal Service and its critical functions.

The cornerstone of his platform is his “never die alone” plan. He believes people should not have to die alone during the COVID-19 pandemic because of fear of the virus. He said every federally funded, licensed hospital, nursing home, or other health care facility should be required to provide a safe, infection-controlled area for end-of-life human comfort. Such an area would offer procedures, equipment, and space to allow for infection-free touching and communication.

He is also calling on the U.S. government to create a thank you program for COVID-19 health and front-line essential workers.