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Stony Brook Pedestrian Bridge now open

The new The Stony Brook Pedestrian Bridge.

The Stony Brook Pedestrian Bridge in Pennington opened last week. The bridge connects Pennington Borough and Hopewell Township to the 1,600-acre Mercer Meadows Park and the Lawrence Hopewell Trail.

Lawrence Hopewell Trail trustees said the bridge will provide a much safer, family-friendly way to enter the park from Pennington, Hopewell, and other communities west of the park.

Mercer County built the new pedestrian bridge. Aaron Watson, executive director of the Mercer County Park Commission, said the bridge is part of a strategy to encourage more people of all ages to enjoy the park and the Lawrence Hopewell Trail by removing concerns about a difficult road crossing.

Cyclists try out the new Stony Brook Pedestrian Bridge.