Hare, Lemon, and Johnson are the best candidates for a diverse, accountable, and trusting Princeton Board of Education

To the Editor:

I write this letter in support of Paul Johnson, Karen Lemon and Bill Hare for the Princeton Board of Education. I’m writing as a private citizen, as a Princeton taxpayer, as a volunteer in the community, as well as being a wife and a mother
of two Princeton High School graduates, 2015 and 2018, and not on the behalf of the Princeton Board of Education, which I serve on as a member.

The board needs engaged, proactive, and compassionate board members who will ensure a school budget within the 2% cap, will ensure that money is spent so that all students are given the tools they need to reach their potential, and who will be transparent and trustworthy in every vote they make on behalf of
all our students, staff members and parents.

Approximately 30% of Princeton households have students in the Princeton Public Schools. Paul, Karen, and Bill understand the importance of not only a diverse student body, but also of a diverse staff and a diverse community that
welcomes everyone. Paul, Karen, and Bill support the 2% cap and will keep taxes lower by managing expenses and holding administrators accountable to their budgets and smarter spending. They want to reimagine our current facilities instead of building new ones. They promise to streamline and look to our
community for expertise, instead of just hiring consultants who don’t know or understand Princeton.

They promise that even after your children graduate from the Princeton Public Schools, you will be able to afford to stay in Princeton, where you have put down roots and made a home for your family.

The delivery of education, due to COVID-19 is changing, and Bill, Karen and Paul are ready to be the leaders needed to ensure that all our students are heard and that their safety, mental and physical health and wellness will be addressed. They will support a level playing field so all students can learn and be the
best they can be. They care deeply about supporting every student to be their best self and will support, not cut, educational services and staff needed so all students can thrive, value themselves and respect each other.

This is a unique time for our community and our schools. We have all witnessed the world rapidly changing due to COIVID-19, horrific racial injustices, and financial uncertainty. We need board of education members who can handle all of these issues while being strong leaders and ensuring that the district is
providing a robust academic education that allows for all of our students to thrive.

Princeton residents deserve a board of education that will represent their interests and Paul, Karen and Bill are committed to earning your trust and your vote.

Please join me in voting for Bill Hare, Paul Johnson, and Karen Lemon for the Princeton Board of Education.


Debbie Bronfeld
Dodds Lane

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  1. When I bought my Princeton house, many houses I looked at were being sold by families with children who had just graduated from the high school. Current taxes are too high for most families to live here if their children aren’t in the schools. We need responsible fiscal discipline from the school district. I thank the slate for running!

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