South Brunswick Police plan to crack down on overweight truck traffic

Police in South Brunswick will conduct an enhanced truck enforcement crackdown over the next month around the township. Officials said overweight vehicles cause damage to roads, while enforcement programs increase awareness and promote commercial vehicle safety.

The first phase of the truck enforcement effort will focus on the Kendall Park section of the township. Officers will be targeting traffic on New Road between Route 1 and Route 27.

Police officers assigned to this enforcement effort are focused on reducing commercial vehicles in residential areas. The current South Brunswick ordinance prohibits trucks over 36 tons from traveling on New Road, with the exception of local traffic.

“We conduct these campaigns to raise awareness of local ordinance restrictions on truck traffic,” said South Brunswick Police Bureau Sergeant Gary Holsten, who is heading up the effort. “We don’t want overweight trucks in residential neighborhoods that should not be there. They are only allowed to use the road if they are making a local delivery.”

Message boards alerting trucks to the weight restrictions have already been placed in the enforcement zone, police said.