New weekly COVID-19 cases in Princeton edging toward highest totals of pandemic

In the past 14 days, Princeton has seen as many new confirmed COVID-19 cases as the town recorded during the three-month period for July, June, and August.

The new 7-day total of 24 new confirmed COVID-19 cases and the 14-day total of 41 confirmed cases are close to the highest weekly and bi-weekly totals since the pandemic began in early March, Princeton Health Officer Jeff Grosser noted on Wednesday.

The highest 7-day total for confirmed cases in the municipality of Princeton was April 20-6, with 30 cases. The highest 14-day total for confirmed cases was April 24-May 7, with 55 cases.

“This is the fall ‘surge’, second wave everyone spoke about over the summer months,” Grosser said in a statement.

Eleven of 15 cases over the past week stemmed from public and private indoor social activities ranging from playdates for kids to other seemingly innocuous gatherings where people felt safe, Grosser said.

“Now, with the arrival of cold weather, we are reminded that COCID-19 spreads most easily indoors. and can be transmitted by people showing little or no symptoms at all in as little as 10 to 15 minutes of close contact,” Grosser said.