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Editorial: Some Princeton business and property owners ready for one-lane on Witherspoon Street

Princeton’s business community has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. We thank the town’s leadership for working with us during this difficult year and are especially grateful for the temporary arrangement on Witherspoon Street that has allowed us to keep serving our customers.

For business owners on Witherspoon Street, this summer’s outdoor dining experience has been a first. While it was dictated by necessity, we have found that the move from a street that is congested with cars and delivery trucks to one where people can enjoy convivial al-fresco dining has been received well by the public.

We would like to see a flexible street that allows access to personal cars, delivery and service vehicles at set times, but also allows closure at other times, to make a safe outdoor space for people, for meeting friends, and for community building.

A people-friendly street design, augmented with trees, good lighting, and tasteful decoration, would make Witherspoon Street even more beautiful and would make a fitting approach to historic Nassau Hall. Indeed, a low-traffic Witherspoon Street can become a destination for visitors, which benefits local businesses, as has been the happy outcome of similar redesigns in Jersey City and Somerville.

Frank Armenante, Owner, Balance Enterprises & The Alchemist & Barrister, 28 Witherspoon Street, and Property Representative for 32-36 Witherspoon Street

Peter Mocco, Property Owner, 32-36 Witherspoon St. (Owns buildings for House of Cupcakes, Purinsu Ramen, Tandoori Bite)

Michele Moriello, Property Representative, 25 & 23 Witherspoon Street (Landlord for buildings rented by La Mezzaluna and Public Wine Beer & Spirits)

Beth Rota, Property Owner Representative, 66 Witherspoon Street  (owner of Elements and Mistral buildings) 

Helena May, Property Owner, 300 Witherspoon Street

Andrew Mangone, Owner, Hinkson’s, 28 Spring Street

Aubrey Haines, Property Owner, 23 Witherspoon Street.

Mike, Business Owner, Mike’s Barber shop, 33 Witherspoon Street

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  1. Great to hear these thoughtful comments from business owners on WitherspoonSt. This can be a win -win for the business community and both residents and businesses.

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