N.J. COVID-19 cases by county for Dec. 28

The state received positive COVID-19 PCR test results for 2,745 residents on Monday, bringing the cumulative total of confirmed positive cases in New Jersey to 463,965. Another 21 residents in the state died due to complications from COVID-19, bringing the total of confirmed COVID-19 related deaths in the state to 16,706 deaths, with another 1,945 deaths ruled “probable” COVID-19 related deaths.

Mercer County recorded 89 new positive cases on Monday, bringing its cumulative total of confirmed cases to 18,318, with 673 total confirmed COVID-19 deaths and another 37 deaths ruled “probable” COVID related deaths.

Following are the latst statistics by county. Deaths and probable deaths listed are totals since the pandemic began. New positives are results the state received on Monday. Cumulative positives are PCR test results recorded since the pandemic began.

A total of 1,128 COVID-19 related deaths in the state have not been assigned a county yet.

Middlesex County

315 New Positives1,419 Confirmed Deaths
43,467 Positive Test Results213 Probable Deaths

Monmouth County

276 New Positives908 Confirmed Deaths
30,632 Positive Test Results100 Probable Deaths

Essex County

255 New Positives2,125 Confirmed Deaths
46,145 Positive Test Results242 Probable Deaths

Bergen County

235 New Positives2,022 Confirmed Deaths
45,840 Positive Test Results260 Probable Deaths

Ocean County

213 New Positives1,240 Confirmed Deaths
31,233 Positive Test Results75 Probable Deaths

Hudson County

185 New Positives1,518 Confirmed Deaths
42,618 Positive Test Results163 Probable Deaths

Burlington County

181 New Positives561 Confirmed Deaths
20,326 Positive Test Results45 Probable Deaths

Union County

150 New Positives1,354 Confirmed Deaths
35,807 Positive Test Results174 Probable Deaths

Passaic County

132 New Positives1,278 Confirmed Deaths
39,310 Positive Test Results149 Probable Deaths

Camden County

120 New Positives727 Confirmed Deaths
27,739 Positive Test Results58 Probable Deaths

Morris County

106 New Positives770 Confirmed Deaths
19,625 Positive Test Results175 Probable Deaths

Gloucester County

89 New Positives350 Confirmed Deaths
13,616 Positive Test Results10 Probable Deaths

Mercer County

89 New Positives673 Confirmed Deaths
18,318 Positive Test Results37 Probable Deaths

Cumberland County

85 New Positives207 Confirmed Deaths
7,536 Positive Test Results9 Probable Deaths

Atlantic County

76 New Positives341 Confirmed Deaths
11,765 Positive Test Results18 Probable Deaths

Somerset County

73 New Positives571 Confirmed Deaths
12,282 Positive Test Results87 Probable Deaths

Sussex County

44 New Positives171 Confirmed Deaths
4,253 Positive Test Results43 Probable Deaths

Hunterdon County

32 New Positives82 Confirmed Deaths
3,629 Positive Test Results54 Probable Deaths

Warren County

32 New Positives170 Confirmed Deaths
3,796 Positive Test Results13 Probable Deaths

Salem County

17 New Positives102 Confirmed Deaths
2,597 Positive Test Results5 Probable Deaths

Cape May County

15 New Positives117 Confirmed Deaths
2,303 Positive Test Results15 Probable Deaths