Penn Medicine Princeton Health website crashes after vaccine sign-up portal opens (updated)

Penn Medicine Princeton Health opened its sign-up form for COVID-19 vaccine registrations at noon on Wednesday. Within two minutes, the website, princetonhcs.org, crashed due to the large volume of people trying to visit the site to register for a vaccine. The website was back up shortly after 1 p.m. At 2:18 p.m., the website was up but the form had been taken down because the number of appointment requests exceeds the hospital’s current vaccine supply. The form will be back up again when the hospital receives more vaccine doses.

You must qualify in the eligible phase before you complete the Penn Medicine Princeton Health vaccine appointment request form online. To determine if you are eligible, see the State of New Jersey vaccination website here. If you are not currently eligible, you can register with the state via the online portal to receive a notification when you are eligible. After you fill out a form on the Penn Medicine website, you will receive a call to schedule an appointment for your vaccine. Expect delays due to the high volume of people signing up for vaccines.

Across the state, residents have struggled to sign up for a vaccine appointment. Four of the state’s six vaccination mega-sites are open, but at least one site is booking vaccine appointments for May now. Officials hope many more appointments will open up at sites across the state as vaccine supplies increase.

A Somerset County clinic at Raritan Valley Community College had appointments available for Thursday on Wednesday morning, but they quickly filled up.

Area residents are helping Planet Princeton crowdsource up-to-date information about vaccine availability across the state and helping add correct information on how to register for a vaccine through each vaccination site. Some sites only use the state pre-registration list. Others have their own online form. And then some only accept phone calls. More than 6,000 people have accessed the crowdsourced spreadsheet. You can view it and add comments and information at https://bit.ly/crowdsourcevaccineinfonj.