Last call for Princeton cicada Brood X t-shirts, kids shirt added to offerings

A kids t-shirt has been added to our commemorative cicada shirt offerings, per readers’ requests.

We will be placing our order for our cicada t-shirts on Monday at 4 p.m. If you would still like to order a shirt, please do so by Monday at 2 p.m. Thanks to all the readers who have placed orders. Interest in the t-shirts exceeded our expectations. Because of your support, we will be able to offer stipends to a few interns and hire a few more freelancers.

Many readers asked us to create a kids t-shirt. Kevin Ranallo went to work and created a variation of our most popular shirt, the circle cicada t-shirt. We also added more information to our store on how to measure your size, and added a 3X to our offerings for readers who requested a larger shirt.

To pre-order a shirt, visit We don’t anticipate offering another pre-order opportunity after this one, and will not be ordering very many extra shirts. If you have any questions, about the shirts, please send us an email at editor AT

We expect to receive our order in about three weeks. Once we receive the order, we will mail out the shirts to people who selected the shipping option. We will also email people who chose the pickup option with information about the time and location options for the pickup.

Thanks again for all the support! -Krystal