Cause of two Princeton fires ‘undetermined’

The local fire marshal has officially ruled the cause of two fires in the Stockton Street area of Princeton as “undetermined.”

When a cause for a fire has not been determined or there is not enough evidence and other information to support a cause, the fire cause will be ruled undetermined until other information becomes available, Princeton Director of Emergency Services Mike Yeh said.

Yeh said that due to both the location and time proximity of the two fires, people have wondered if there is a relationship between the fires or whether arson was the cause. Yeh said the two fires do not appear to be related.

The first fire broke out at the corner of Armour and Campbelton roads in the Western Section of Princeton in the early morning of Saturday, July 31. The house is uninhabitable and will be restored. A second fire broke out just three days later on Library Place at the Lenox House at Princeton Theological Seminary. The seminary building, which includes Biblical Studies faculty offices and seminar rooms, will also be restored.

No one was injured in the fires.