In N.J. a bill before the state legislature on the safe storage of guns needs your support

Dear Editor:

The news that a 15-year-old brought a loaded gun on Dec. 8 to Lawrence High School in New Jersey is a wake-up call that mass shootings like the recent one in Michigan are also a real danger here. I’m relieved that the gun and student were quickly removed from school, preventing a potential mass shooting.

However, we need to have strong laws that ensure that guns in the home are stored securely and safely, so young people and others can’t access them in the first place. That is the best way to prevent guns from being brought to school.

Our Ceasefire NJ Project has been working with New Jersey state legislators, along with legal, policy, and health experts, for the past 18 months to develop a safe storage of guns bill that would be the strongest in the nation. If passed and implemented, this would help prevent future school shootings, along with accidental shootings, murders, and suicides in New Jersey.

That bill is now before the New Jersey legislature, and I strongly concerned citizens to visit and click under the first item under “Take Action” to contact their legislators and urge them to support this critical bill to make us safer from gun violence.

For further information, click the Ceasefire NJ icon on the right at

The Rev. Robert Moore
Executive Director, Coalition for Peace Action

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  1. NJ does not have a gun problem. It has a THUG problem. Eliminate the thugs and you eliminate 95% of the shootings.

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