Unofficial results: $17.5 million bond referendum for Princeton Public Schools approved by voters 3-1 so far

The county will continue to count mail-in ballots on Jan. 31, but as of now, it looks like the $17.5 million bond referendum for roof repairs at public schools in Princeton has passed. The remaining votes are unlikely to change the results.

So far, voters have approved the bond referendum by a margin of 3-1. Only 999 people voted in person on Tuesday, with 788 residents voting yes and 211 residents voting no, according to the Mercer County Clerk’s office.

Mail-in ballots for 2,042 residents have been tallied and posted so far, with 1,532 voting for the referendum and 510 voting against it.

In Princeton, 17,673 people are registered to vote. Votes cast so far in person and via mail combined are a turnout of 17.2 percent.

Mercer County Clerk Paula Sollami-Covello said most vote-by-mail votes were counted that have been received so far. The county is still waiting for late-arriving vote by mail ballots that still arrive in within the deadline to be counted and for provisional ballots to be counted by the Mercer County Board of Elections. The remaining mail-in ballots will be counted on Jan. 31, the last day for the receipt of timely postmarked ballots. Sollami-Covello said once those are all in, the provisional ballots will be counted.

School Board President Dafna Kendal said the board of education is encouraged with the vote tally so far. “We appreciate everyone who took the time to learn about the referendum and vote,” she said.