Photo of the day: Spread love, not hate

posters on Valley road telling people to love others
Signs calling for love and kindness were posted on Ewing Street in Princeton across from a large banner that reads “Phony equity. Gender confusion. Reverse racism. Eagerly approved by the board of education.”


  1. There should be more kindness and love in our society.

    Having said that, Republicans are going to rule this country until the moderates in the Democratic party stand up against the politics of the progressive left. Discriminating against Asian-American students is not the way to rectify the crimes committed against African-Americans. The school district needs to spend more time and attention on providing effective teaching and instruction of students to raise the level of accomplishment of all students, rather than lowering the ceiling on what students can accomplish. It can start by being serious about teaching students. This coming week, the schools are closed 3 out of 5 days. Is it any wonder that our district isn’t doing as well as neighboring districts despite much higher school taxes? If we do love our students and want to ensure they achieve their potential, we need to hold our schools to a higher standard. This can be done in a kind, loving way.

  2. You’re espousing a false narrative. You’re worried that your kid might lose something. They won’t. Also schools are closed everywhere in NJ this week. Not a Princeton thing. Please educate yourself.

  3. Unfortunately, it’s not a false narrative. A goal of the current school administration is to eliminate classes where the student demographics don’t match the demographics of the district. This is code for eliminating the most advanced classes as their composition is 70-90% Asian-American. It amounts to discrimination.

    Regarding the days off, why did the entire high school not have classes a month ago when the juniors took the PSAT in the morning? In neighboring districts, the students not taking the test attended their normal classes and kept learning. In our district, the default mode is to reduce learning.

    As I wrote above, the progressive left likes to say that raising these issues are dog whistles of the far right. There are too many like minded Democrats in town who feel this way and are careful about speaking out due to cancel culture. But these issues aren’t just beliefs of the far right and nationally, the Democrats are probably going to lose both the House and Senate in part because of issues like this.

    1. Please show proof that classes will be taken away. The board has said many times this isn’t happening. But maybe you can stoke enough doubt. Throw it against the wall. See what sticks.

      There were no classes because the college board requires that the tests have to be proctored. So there weren’t teachers available to also teach. Again, this is an equity initiative so that all kids can take the PSAT.

    2. Despite being a lifelong Democrat I sadly have to agree with you that they’re likely to lose control of Congress for the reasons you cite. It is painful to see how both sides have succumbed to the radical right and left within their parties.

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