Teachers union issues statement about principal at Princeton High School

The Princeton Regional Education Association, the union for teachers in the school district, has issued a statement about the principal at Princeton High School.

“We know that many of you have spent the weekend digesting the news about the high school leadership. The news was certainly a shock for our members at the high school. Please know that PREA leadership is in constant communication with district leadership, and we are here to support members,” reads the statement.

“At this point, we must let the Board of Education’s process take its course. The current Board of Education has always put the best interests of the children first and has been supportive of PREA,” reads the statement. “Therefore, we will continue to trust and support the Board of Education’s good intentions for the students of the district.”

The union has asked members to reach out if they need help or advice. “Our job as PREA Leadership is to protect your rights and your jobs,” reads the statement.