Parent seeks help identifying driver involved in hit and run in front of Princeton High School

A student at Princeton High School was driving to school Thursday morning when his vehicle was struck by another vehicle on Houghton Road between Walnut Lane and Moore Street next to the teacher parking lot, according to a parent.

The student was driving a grey Toyota RAV 4 with New Jersey plates at about 8:15 a.m. when he was hit by a Blue Audi, the parent said. The Audi was parked at the curb after a parent dropped her child off at the high school. The driver then pulled out onto Houghton Road and hit the Toyota that was being driven by the student. According to the parent of the driver, the Audi driver hit the Toyota and proceeded to side-swipe the entire passenger side of the car. The student was not injured, according to the parent.

According to the parent, the student drove to Moore Street and tried to get the attention of the Audi driver. The student was honking and pointing out the vehicle window, signaling for the Audi driver to pull over. She ignored him and proceeded to turn left on Moore Street, the parent said.

The parent said the police were contacted and arrived promptly to make a report. The parent says someone must have seen something. “There were people everywhere,” the parent said. “It happened at morning drop off.”

If you have information regarding the incident or video footage, please contact Princeton Police Sgt. Luis Navas at (609) 921-2100 ext. 2175.