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Candidates running for school board in Mercer County on Nov. 7, 2023

The deadline to file a petition to run for a seat on a school board this November was July 31. The ballot placement drawing for school board candidates in Mercer County will be held Aug. 14, according to the Mercer County Clerk’s Office.

Princeton Public Schools

Five candidates are vying for three seats on the Princeton Board of Education. The terms are all for three years.

Incumbents Beth Behrend and Michele Tuck-Ponder will seek another term on the board. Incumbent Jean Durbin has decided not to seek reelection.

Adam Bierman, who has unsuccessfully run for a seat on the school board in 2020 then filed to run again in 2021 and withdrew before the election, will seek a seat on the 10-member board again.

Residents Eleanor Hubbard and René Obregon, Jr. are running for the board for the first time.

East Windsor Regional Schools

Three residents of East Windsor are competing for two seats on the school board.

Incumbent Jeanne Bourjolly is seeking another term on the school board. Brad Nicholson decided not to seek reelection.

Residents Karen Salter and Paula Calia are running as a slate.

One three-year term on the school board is open for a representative from Hightstown. Michael John Weeks II is running unopposed.

Ewing Township

Five candidates are seeking three seats for three-year terms on the Ewing Board of Education.

Incumbents Sandra Herrington and Jennifer Miller will seek another term on the board.

Incumbent Channing Conway will not seek reelection.

Newcomers seeking a board seat are residents Erica Brndmaier, Else Carmichael Henderson, and Brandi Robinson.

Hamilton Township

In Hamilton Township, eight residents are vying for three terms of three years on the school board. Six of the eight candidates belong to slates.

Incumbent Liam Gonzales decided not to seek reelection and Susan Lombardo recently stepped down from the board.

The “Mothers, Leaders, Advocates” slate includes incumbent Christina Vassiliou Harvey, Meaghan Stanton, and Denise Soto.

The “Responsible Education” slate includes residents Marc Crabtree, John Muka, and David Maher.

Resident Donald Snedeker is also seeking a seat on the board but is running solo and has no slogan. Brandon McNeice is running for “Results Above Rivalry.”

Hopewell Valley Regional Schools

Five Hopewell Township residents are vying for three terms of three years each on the school board for the Hopewell Valley Regional Schools.

Incumbents Pamela Lilleston, Andrea Driver, and Anita Williams Galiano are all seeking another term.

Residents John Slotman and Aileen Matticoli are challenging the incumbents.

Residents Dhruv Kapadia of and Mark Austin are vying for a one-year unexpired term.

There are no seats open this year for representatives from Hopewell Borough and Pennington Borough.

Lawrence Township

Four residents are seeking three seats for three-year terms on the Lawrence Board of Education.

Incumbents Michele Bowes and Arundale Clarke are running as a slate. School Patricia Hendricks Farmer is not seeking reelection.

The newcomers are Diana Pasculli and Thomas Figueira.

Robbinsville Township

Five residents are seeking three seats for three-year terms on the Robbinsville Board of Education. All of the candidates are running as part of slates.

School Board President Richard Young and incumbent Scott Veisz decided not to seek reelection.

Amanda Hill D’Angelo, Harry “Anthony” Ray, and Nadia Bandukda are running on the slate “Transforming Tomorrow, Together.”

Incumbent Dilip Kovuri and newcomer Palak Shah are running as a slate but did not select a slogan.

Trenton Public Schools

Six Trenton residents are seeking three-year terms on the Trenton School Board. Residents of Trenton voted last year to switch to an elected school board instead of one appointed by the mayor. The Trenton Democratic Committee unanimously opposed giving residents the right to elect their school board. Mayor Reed Gusciora also opposed the move to an elected board.

This November will be the first election for the school board since voters approved the move to an elected board. Mayoral appointees will serve out the remainder of their terms and new board members will be elected as the appointed members’ terms expire in staggered years.

Appointee incumbents Addie Daniels-Lane and Yolanda Marrero-López are seeking three-year elected terms on the board.

Challengers include Mary Horne, former Trenton Councilwoman Robin Vaughn, Keydotta Crawford, and Larry Traylor.

West Windsor Plainsboro Regional Schools

Two residents of West Windsor are running unopposed for three-year terms on the school board for the West Windsor Plainsboro Regional Schools.

Incumbents Dana Krug and Shwetha Shetty are running as the slate “For Our Community.”