Photos: Northern Lights over the Princeton Battlefield

Reader Colleen A. Miller of Lawrence captured these photos of the Northern Lights from the Princeton Battlefield at about 4:40 a.m. Saturday. Thank you for sharing these photos with Princeton area residents, Colleen!

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  1. Thanks so much for these photos. News reports about the solar storm did not mention New Jersey much less Princeton as a possibility to see the northern lights. I’m not going to be out in early morning hours but to see these photos is a treat.
    Thanks Colleen Miller and Planet Princeton.
    Florence Perren-Diaz

  2. It would be great if local and regional journalism were better funded and supported so that we all would have known about this better in our community. This is just so beautiful and would have been great to organize a safe local viewing of this amazing event. Most of us didn’t even know this was going on. You are doing a great job doing your best with limited resources to really get this info out and we salute you and are proud of you.

  3. Is the storm and the lights might they be going on and visible for another week or more depending on cloud cover? Can anyone post more info about this ?