Bids for New Community Pool Are In

Community Park Pool

Bids for a new pool complex at the Community Park Pool are in, and sources say the lowest bid of about $6 million is for a concrete pool. Bids for a pool with a steel liner came in higher.

Borough Administrator Bob Bruschi said the borough council would probably approve a bid at the council’s last meeting of the month, July 26. Bruschi, who did not comment on bid details, said the bids need to be reviewed, the alternatives need to be sorted through, and then a recommendation will be made to officials about which bid to accept. That can’t be done in time for the council’s July 5 meeting, Bruschi said, and the council’s July 12 meeting has been canceled. The bid would also have to be approved by the township committee.

While everyone agrees the more than 4-decade old pool needs to be replaced, many residents (a number of them architects) criticized the original proposed design for the pool complex and argued the simple character of the current design should be maintained. Some residents also have expressed concerns about a steel liner, questioning both the expense and track record of steel in pools.

In response to residents’ concerns, the recreation department revised several aspects of the pool design. The borough and township approved bonding for the pool, but said that approval would still allow them to approve a final design for the complex in the future.

The goal is to have a new pool in place for the 2012 summer pool season.