Moore: “A New Era” for Princeton

Yina Moore on election night last November.

Borough Mayor Yina Moore says she decided not to run for mayor again this November so she can focus on projects she has started this year. She wants to be on the new Borough Council for the united Princeton, however, as consolidation is implemented.

A new era for Princeton calls for new leadership at the top, she said.

“We have the opportunity to elect a mayor who has broad experience,” Moore said. “Someone who has contributed to the Princeton community outside of the political arena, and who has the vision and fortitude to lead our community in a new era.”

Moore said she decided to run for office one year ago to bring her experience, leadership, and a clear sense of purpose to address a myriad of community issues.

“Although I have been in office only 70 days, I have put forth several initiatives that I want to focus on for the next several months as mayor without the distraction of a mayoral campaign,” she said.

Moore said she wants to continue the implementation of various initiatives and contribute to decision making as a voting member of Council.

“I want to ensure that benefits of consolidation accrue to the entire community,” she said.

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  1. Sigh. I mean Mayor Moore no disrespect, but can we infuse this analysis with a little political reality? She has a record of hard-work for the community, and that’s to be saluted. But she is not, in any way, shape, or form, a leader. She’s a terrible campaigner and a worse office-holder.

    She’s inarticulate, non-responsive, careless with public perception (didn’t file an NJ Elec form — dear God, there’s only three — a 7th grader could get it right). Her campaign was childish, and a Republican nearly beat her. A Democrat winning the mayor’s office over a Republican, by a mere 100 votes, in Princeton, is losing. Let’s just be honest: Between Lampert and Wilkes, Moore doesn’t stand even a sliver of a chance.

    If you’re going to report the news, report it — but this piece is an advertisement for Yina Moore, and her reasons for not running are laughably transparent.

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