Letters: Wilkes Puts Forth Plan for the New Princeton if Elected Mayor

Fellow Princetonians:

In Princeton, we have the opportunity to select the individual who will best lead our entire community toward a new, unified Princeton. We have the opportunity to choose a leader who will work tirelessly with the new Council and who has a vision and a plan to address the many challenges facing our community.

As an architect and a builder, a community planner and activist, a business owner and a professional, an artist and organizer, a team leader and a team player, and as someone who has lived in both the Borough and Township, I have demonstrated the skills, dedication, perseverance, and aptitude necessary for this new leadership position in Princeton.

I have a plan for New Princeton and if elected, these are ten points that I will make fundamental to my efforts as Mayor:

  • Control Spending: No tax increases, as Borough has done for the past 4 years.
  • Public Safety: Merge police departments while improving street patrols and safety.
  • Preserve the Fire Department: Maintain an all-volunteer force.
  • A Strong Downtown: Promote economic development and improve our streetscapes,
  • Community Planning: Planning by the people, instead of for the people.
  • Academic Institutions: Engage our academic partners early and often with candor and transparency.
  • Affordable Housing: Develop housing at multiple levels of income distribution.
  • Aging in Place: Promote a transportation infrastructure for senior mobility.
  • Parks and Open Space: Improve open space management and create Princeton Parks Department
  • Youth Services: Provide high-quality programs for our community’s youth.

I have the experience to work with both existing municipal staffs to effectively accomplish our merger. Working as the Princeton Township building inspector for three years in the early 1990s I developed strong positive relationships with Township staff. Working with Borough staff as an elected official since 2008, I constantly strive to improve the delivery of our services to our constituents and business interests.

I am qualified and committed to be your Mayor. I look forward to meeting you on the campaign trail this spring – please visit my website to find a calendar of events. www.kevinwilkes.com


Kevin Wilkes

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  1. Regarding “Promote economic development and improve our streetscapes”, I would like to see a commitment to preserving the residential nature of neighborhoods formerly in the borough. My fear all along about consolidation has been that zoning of our “inner city” neighborhoods would be overwhelmed by the larger township, which won’t care if homes in town are turned into doctor’s offices, or things like that.

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