Letters: School Board Candidate Dudley Sipprelle Asks for Support

The Tuesday, April 17 annual school board election will be the last time Princeton Borough residents will elect a Borough official. I am seeking your vote to be one of those representatives.

Some Thoughts about Princeton public education:

Princeton has a high quality public school system which taxpayers generously support. Per pupil expenditure is substantially above the NJ average. Half our property taxes goes to the public schools and these taxes keep rising. Financial support from the State is falling and will continue to do so as it attempts to meet its own financial challenges. We need to transform traditional budgetary practices as to how we spend taxpayer dollars and why. Prioritization of educational goals and innovation are required now more than ever.

Why I Am A Candidate:

A strong public school system is the essential core of our democracy and prosperity. Given my background and experience in public education, I can provide a unique perspective and contribution for educational policy-making. I will work hard to maintain excellence and affordability.

What I want to accomplish:

The public school system should seek to share services with the new municipality. Combining maintenance services, for example, would result in cost savings. Local institutions of higher learning, private foundations and business must become engaged in enhanced “partnering” to increase financial grant support which is now at minimal level. More emphasis on information technology is necessary to ensure that our students will be able to compete effectively in a technological world.

My background:

Prior to a diplomatic career with the U.S. Department of State, I was a public high school teacher and athletic coach. I received a fellowship to study economics at Stanford University to upgrade economic literacy in the public schools. I am a public school graduate, my four children attended public schools, I have been a P-T-O president, a school board member and a university professor. I have also been the Chairman of the Princeton Sewer Operating Committee and enthusiastically participate in numerous civic activities.

I ask for your support on April 17.

Dudley Sipprelle

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