Polls Open Until 8 p.m. for Democratic and Republican Primary Elections









The Democratic and Republican primaries today will mark the first time Princeton Borough and Princeton Township voters will vote as one community.

Still undecided about who to vote for as mayor in the primary? Short videos of Republican Dick Woodbridge, Democrat Kevin Wilkes, and Democrat Liz Lempert were created by TV 30. You can also read our recent letters to the editor section on the candidates and our latest story, or search our website archives on the home page.

In November’s general election, Woodbridge will face the winner of the Democratic primary.

In the Republican primary for the six-member council of the new Princeton, Geoff Aton is the lone Republican on the ballot. The GOP has often added write-in candidates on primary day.

Nine Democrats are vying for seats on the new council. Incumbents Jo Butler, Jenny Crumiller, Roger Martindell, Heather Howard, Bernie Miller and Lance Liverman are seeking reelection to the council for the united Princeton. Newcomers Patrick Simon, Scott Sillars and Tamera Matteo are also seeking seats.

The council race has been so contentious, with it unclear which candidates are backing which, that some have even dubbed it “Survivor Princeton.” The six candidates endorsed by the Democratic municipal committee formed a slate, but then two of them were quick to add that it did not necessarily mean they couldn’t support other candidates who were not part of the slate.

It is also unclear what effect the Save Our Schools group will have on the election, with many members backing candidates in the council and mayoral race. Individual school board members have also been vocally supporting some candidates involved with Save Our Schools. The group is lobbying for local residents to be allowed to vote about whether charter schools should be allowed to open in a community.

The unified Princeton has 22 voting districts. Princeton Borough previously had 10 districts and Princeton Township had 14 districts.

To view your new voting district and polling location, visit the state’s searchable database. A handful of residents have already complained that they were assigned to polling locations across town. There was a mistake in the state database, but it was too late to correct the polling books. Those people will vote by provisional ballot today.

The polls will be open from 6a.m.to 8 p.m. today.
Today is also the deadline for independent candidates to file petitions to run in the November general election.