No Licenses or Inspection Stickers Required

Traffic stopped this a.m. so our feathered friends could cross the road at the Bakers Basin DMV. Photo by Krystal Knapp.

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  1. Years ago at Bell Labs in Holmdel, a lone adult goose was run down by a car as it sped down the long access road to the building. Everyone was constantly having to stop for geese, but this one person did not or could not. People saw it, and a email storm ensued within that location of AT&T, which employed ~6000 people. A small but vocal minority hated the geese and wanted to run them all over. The email would not die down, led by a particularly virulent goose-hater. Finally, someone replied to him with one sentence, “You misspelled outrage.” At that, the email storm finally died down. To my knowledge, in all the 15 years I worked there, only that one goose ever died by car, though thousands crossed roads and parking lots with their young in tow.

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