Beloved Landau Ram Lindi Snatched From Nassau Street

Lindi, the mascot at Landau’s, has been missing since Monday.

After the Princeton Tiger and the roaming black bear, the most well known animal in downtown Princeton is a ram named Lindi.

For more than 35 years, the stuffed ram has stood watch on Nassau Street and is considered the mascot for Landau, the family-owned company that sells quality woolen items and other clothing at 102 Nassau Street.

But Lindi’s familiar presence has been missed this week. Some time late Monday afternoon, the ram disappeared. Employees realized the ram was gone when they closed for the day Tuesday.

Robert Landau, who owns the store with his brother Henry Landau, said he hopes the disappearance was just a prank and he would appreciate it if Lindi is returned to the store.

“We don’t think Lindi could have strayed too far,” Landau said. “Lindi is heavy and is too bulky to put in a car. It would take at least two people to lift the ram into the bed of a truck.”

Lindy weighs up to 150 pounds. The Landau brothers got the ram from Iceland in the mid 1970s when they were doing a big business in Icelandic woolens.

“People love to bring their children to take photos with Lindi,” Landau said. “We miss him.”

Fifteen years ago, two students from The College of New Jersey kidnapped the ram as a stunt. The Landau brothers hope that is the case this time around, and that the ram was not stolen.

“Our hope is that Lindi is still nearby,” Landau said. “She was probably wheeled some place. I’ve looked in garages and other places, but so far nothing.”

Please call Landau at (609) 924-3494 if you have any information on the possible whereabouts of the ram.