Photo: Recycling Buckets Tossed Back into the Street

This was the scene up and down our street when we returned home late this afternoon. Our pick up is usually before 9 a.m., meaning these buckets sat in the street all day. The buckets are doubled up, because previously the workers stuffed one bucket in another and we couldn’t separate them.It makes them heavier so that they are not easily knocked over by the wind. Our question is, can’t the workers just make a little better effort to put the cans back on the sidewalk?

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  1. The problem is not with the workers so much as with these atrocious, unwieldy cans. I have 3 “useable” cans — 3 cans stuffed into three other cans and yes inseparable. It is a long heavy haul up my uphill driveway and I am not getting any younger. Why doesn’t the Township either buy each resident a large, covered, wheeled recycling bucket ($59.99 at Home Depot) or print up Princeton recyling stickers for those residents willing to buy the buckets themselves (they can slap on the stickers and make their buckets Princeton-official). And as long as I’m on a diatribe: why isn’t recycling picked up weekly, rather than every other week? It seems to me that if you are going to encourage recycling you should make it as easy as, say, taking out the trash. Keep fighting the good fight, Krystal!

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