Princeton University Student Charged With Invasion of Privacy for Allegedly Taking Sexually Explicit Photos of Another Student


A Princeton University student allegedly took sexually explicit photos of another male student without the student’s consent, police said.

Police have charged Richard Charles Tuckwell, 20, of Australia, with one count of invasion of privacy, a third degree crime, for allegedly taking photos of a 19-year-old male student after the student drank alcoholic beverages and then fell asleep.

The alleged incident occurred on Sept. 16. Tuckwell met the victim at a lawn party at one of the university eating clubs. At some point the two went to a dorm on the Princeton University campus. During this incident, the victim awoke and saw the accused photographing him, police said.

Tuckwell voluntarily surrendered at police headquarters on the evening of September 21, was processed, and was released. There is no indication at this point that the photographs were distributed to anybody else via electronic means or other methods, Borough Police said.

The police investigation into allegations that Tuckwell also allegedly sexually assaulted the victim is ongoing, police said.