Princeton Official Says Left Turns Should Be Banned at Harrison Street Sunoco

Princeton Township Committeeman Bernie Miller has written a letter to the West Windsor Township Zoning Board recommending that left turns onto Harrison Street be prohibited from the Sunoco station located at the intersection of Harrison Street and Route 1.

“I have personally observed vehicles exiting the Sunoco Station turning left onto Harrison Street in the direction of Princeton, blocking all of the lanes of travel as the vehicles attempt to move forward onto Route 1,” Miller wrote. “This, of course, could be an extremely dangerous maneuver under normal circumstances, but even more so if an ambulance or other emergency vehicle is on Harrison Street heading to the hospital. Vehicles turning right onto Harrison Street from Route 1 cannot safely see vehicles crossing the three lanes proceeding to Route 1 as they turn to proceed to Princeton.”

Miller said the right lane of Harrison Street can be used to safely enter Larry’s  Sunoco Station from Princeton, but said vehicles leaving the Sunoco station should be required to exit onto Route 1.

The owner of Larry’s Sunoco station is planning major renovations, and has filed an application with West Windsor Township for a site plan and variances. Miller has asked that his feedback be considered when West Windsor Township’s site plan review advisory board and zoning board review the application.


  1. Yeah, that’s a no-brainer. I’m really surprised left turns are allowed there to begin with. I don’t think I’ve ever even tried out of a) fear and b) no wanting to wait for someone stopped at the Rt 1/Harrison light to let me in.

  2. Yep, could get scary at times with cars and trucks lined up in the right lane to make the loop. Not exactly what someone in the slow lane is looking for when they want to continue north on Rt 1. Could make for a bad decision.

  3. Oh good grief. This is a reason to vote against Bernie Miller. Write the vehicle that does such a stunt a ticket and leave those of us who drive safely alone. I live near this and often go there, and usually the traffic is OK even in rush hour. You just have to wait for the right opening. Every ban on left turns, like that one, just makes all the other intersections in the vicinity more overloaded with people having to go around the block.

  4. Oops. Please negate or delete my previous comment. I misunderstood which Sunoco is being talked about (thought it was the one on Nassau St). My bad. Yes, the people who turn left out of that gas station just about ALWAYS cause a problem.

  5. How about doing something with the awful intersection at Nassau and
    Washington? That intersection sucks for drivers and pedestrians alike.
    And though I never ride a bike in town, I have to assume it sucks for
    them too.

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