Letters: Lempert Understands How We Arrived at One Princeton

To the Editor:

On November 6th, Princetonians will go to the polls in an historic election consummating more than two years of hard work by many members of our community. During the first year the effort was directed first at putting Consolidation on the ballot and then getting the measure passed. The second year saw an endless round of hearings and meetings as the transitional government was discussed and defined in anticipation of 2013, which will be our first year as a single, combined municipality. The stakes are high: from the first moment in January when the curtain rises on One Princeton, many will be watching and taking the measure of our success.

The stakes are thus inherently high in terms of our choice of mayor. But the decision is easy. Liz Lempert was at the forefront of the Consolidation effort since this round began and remained a major force  throughout 2012 as the new government began to take shape. At no time has this involvement been simple. The Consolidation meetings were often contentious. The transition meetings were frequently heated, with jobs and influence at stake for many people. Liz and her colleagues were unfailingly fair, prepared, thoughtful, and courteous. They created a path to a sustainable municipal plan. And through all this, Liz was also a member of Township Committee, with all the responsibilities and commitments that entails. As anyone who has watched Liz on the job can tell you, this former NPR producer comes to her positions through intelligent analysis, holds them with fair and balanced leadership, and comports herself with an easy dignity at all times.

The first mayor of a combined Princeton must be someone who has been through the maelstrom of the last two years in Princeton, who heard the myriad concerns of our citizens and who dealt with the pros and cons of the various municipal frameworks that were open to us. Liz was immersed in these discussions. Liz spoke constantly with the people whose lives will be affected by change. She will be able to speak intelligently to the questions and objections that will arise as we work our way through a new system of government. In short, she is intimately familiar with the issues, background, and consequences of the Consolidation decision. She will govern with a sure knowledge of what led us to this point and what the options were then and now. She is a skilled and experienced leader.

I hope you will join me in pulling the lever for the candidate who truly understands how we arrived at the One Princeton decision and will be the best representative of all the citizens of our new community – Liz Lempert.

Casey Lambert