Letters: Woodbridge the Most Qualified Candidate for Mayor

Not Since John Lindsay

When considering who to vote for in the upcoming Mayoral election, realize that this is not a partisan issue but rather the opportunity to select the best, most qualified, most experienced, most objective, and most appropriate individual for the office. It’s critical for the United Princeton to start off on the right foot with Richard Woodbridge.

As died-in-the-wool Democrats, we last voted for a Republican mayoral candidate, John Lindsay, when we lived in Manhattan, and we see this election in the same light. Party affiliation has little or nothing to do with local issues. We voted for Dick when he ran for Mayor of Princeton Borough in the 1980’s, because we saw him as a person with vision and integrity. We are delighted to have the chance to vote for him again for the same reasons. For a number of years, I sat next to Dick on the Princeton Regional Planning Board. At that time we both considered applications not as Democratic or Republican issues, nor Borough versus Township decisions, but rather, what was the right answer for the application. Objective sensibility and an ability to listen and understand both sides of an issue are key to making good decisions. I think that Dick has these attributes.

We’re both confident that he will be open minded, fair and apolitical in his decision making. Princetonians are fortunate that he’s interested and excited to tackle this demanding opportunity and daunting task.

Liz Lempert is a good choice for Mayor but Richard Woodbridge is a better choice.

Dick would bridge our differences and connect our past with our future.

Michael and Mimi Landau