Letters: Penns Neck Residents Thank West Windsor Police for Efforts During Jughandle Closures

To the Editor:

We would like to thank the West Windsor Police for their tireless efforts on behalf of Penns Neck residents during the closure of the jug handle at Route 1 and Washington Road.  The police consistently re-directed confused motorists and ticketed those who, blatantly disregarding the No U-Turn signs, placed themselves and other drivers at risk.  Always courteous and helpful, the police were present not only during the morning rush hour but also in the evening and on the weekend when there were major events that drew many people into the Princeton area.  The 2% cap on municipal governments limited the police presence, but when the police were in our neighborhood, driving was safer.  We had a sharp spike in accidents on Washington Road once the jug handles closed, but the West Windsor police certainly prevented additional accidents.  We were pleased that the police were present to celebrate with us when Commissioner Simpson announced an end to the experiment.

Thank you,

Residents of Penns Neck