Police Investigating Attempted Abduction of Eight-Year-Old Boy in Princeton Township

An eight-year-old boy told police he was dragged into the woods by an unknown male while playing in the backyard of a residence on Provinceline Road between Cherry Valley Road and Drakes Corner Road.

According to the child, he was able to run to safety after the man tripped and lost his grasp on him. The child described the man who dragged him into the woods as a white male, approximately 5’2-5’5 with greenish blue eyes, wearing a black leather jacket, black wool gloves and a black mask. The incident happened on Tuesday.

The investigation is ongoing and any one with information pertaining to this incident is asked to contact the Princeton Township Police Department. The Princeton Township Police Department encourages parents and caregivers to use safety precautions and speak with their children about safety.

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  1. I am wondering if the boy lived there? Also, who would have that inside information if he did not, that he would be there. It sounds like someone who came prepared to do harm to him, specifically. Also, does the boy go to the public local school and if so is his picture up somewhere publicly (criminals access this). Someone knew he’s be there.

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