HiTOPS to Runners: Princeton Half Marathon Won’t Be Rescheduled, Registration Fees Will Be Considered Donations

The organizers of the Princeton Half Marathon sent out an email today to the 1,000 runners who had registered for the race informing them that the 2012 race will not be rescheduled. Entry fees for the race will not be refunded though. Instead, runners who registered will be given the first shot at registering for the November 2013 half marathon.

“I am sure that the initial cancellation of the inaugural Princeton Half Marathon was a major disappointment to you. It certainly was for the organizers, volunteers and sponsors,” read the email from HiTOPS. “Since the announcement, we worked with Princeton officials and police in hopes of re-scheduling a make-up event within a reasonable time frame, however that has proved unfeasible due to the tremendous scale of this event and other scheduled activities in Princeton.”

Instead HiTOPS, which had race insurance for the event, will begin over the next months to work with local and state officials to coordinate efforts for the November 2013 Princeton Half Marathon.

“As the 2012 event was cancelled due to conditions beyond our control, registration fees will not be refunded and will be treated as tax-deductible contributions to support HiTOPS’ vital programs and services for youth and their families,” read the email that went out to runners tonight.

Runners who registered got the 2012 race, which sold out, have been promised guaranteed registration spots for the 2013 Princeton Half Marathon.

“You will be notified before registration opens, and once it is open, you will have 30 days to act on the guaranteed registration and purchase a 2013 registration,” the email read. “This year’s event sold out within three months, so 2012 registrants will have an advantage.”

HiTOPS will hold an event event for this year’s runners on Saturday, Nov. 17 instead where runners can pick up their t-shirts, registration packets and other Princeton Half Marathon goodies. The event will run from 1 to 6 p.m. at the Homewood Suites, which is located at 3989 U.S. 1 South.

“These last two weeks have been tough for the community, those responsible for the safety of the community, and for all involved with the Princeton Half Marathon,”read the email. “The safety of our runners and volunteers has always been our highest priority and will always remain so. Please know that it is our priority to address any your concerns and to work with all Princeton Half Marathon stakeholders in making thoughtful decisions. We are very grateful for your continued patience.”

The announcement that fees would not be returned to the 1,000 people who registered for the race angered some runners.

“I am a race director and have been running races for 25 years,” wrote a runner named Jeff. “I want to make sure I understand your email. I think what you are saying is that my race registration fee is forfeit, although I get to register early and pay again if I would like to try again next year? I would humbly say that this is not the most generous way of dealing with all the competing problems of such a tragedy.  You have basically said, `Too bad, but you get to pay first next time.’ I would ask that the race committee think about other ways of dealing with this. That seems a little cold.”
“Really unwise decision,” wrote another runner named Randi.
Some runners said they did not mind HiTOPS keeping the money since it is a good cause, but some said the donation should be a choice. Others said they thought the registration fee should be carried over to cover the race next year.


  1. The donation should definitely be made a choice. I was angered at the fact that there was no back-up plan in case of a possible storm. Definitely a bad decision on HiTOPS’ part.

  2. Guess that shows you what kind of organization HiTOPS is. Not our fault. So it must be your fault. We keep your money. We keep our insurance money. We ask you to pay again next year. Nope.

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